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Making Waves in the Surfing World

The Revolution Is Here: Introducing The Quantum Fin (Q-Fin)

It’s not simply the jagged, never-ending coastline and world famous breaks like Bells Beach, Margaret River, North Narrabeen, Yardie Creek and Noosa (to name a few), that make surfing synonymous with the great Land Down Under; nor is it names like Burrows, Parkinson, Beachley and Fanning.


Where surfing and Australia meet, there’s epic innovation.


More than 30 years ago, Aussie legend, surfboard designer and shaper Simon Anderson made waves across the surfing world by pioneering the ‘thruster’, which has been the industry standard ever since.


That is, until the Quantum fin (Q-fin).


The most significant – and exciting – innovation since the thruster, the Quantum fin or Q-fin kicks the surfing experience up another notch. With the kind of lift, speed and drive that you’ve only ever dreamed possible, the revolutionary all-in-one patented and trademarked design is suitable for beginners through to the pros of the surf arena, with easy assembly in a sliding box on any surfboard.


Better yet, compared to a thruster:

  • it has lower drag and greater vertical lift – it’s FASTER than any other surfboard fin for sale
  • increased maneuverability, because it’s looser and planes more quickly which gets you to the top of the surf sooner
  • smoother through turns and cutbacks
  • increased control right under your back foot
  • greater hold in the barrels
  • ideal for 85% of surfers who surf 2’-4’ swell
  • also ideal for shortboards AND mals!
  • comes with its own 8’ sliding box


This is the vision of Western Australia’s surf shaper, Darryl Wilkes; the Q-fin is Australian conceived, designed, developed, Australian made and Australian owned. Best of all, it’s coming soon and will be available for sale through our exclusive online store.


Find out more about this revolutionary surfboard fin by browsing our online store, or by getting in touch with our customer service team in Australia.