Quantum Mechanics

Q-1:  What material is the fin made out of and why?


Answer:  The fin has to be rigid so we believed that the best material was a combination of carbon fibre and fibreglass nylon for optimal strength and lightest weight for high pressure injection moulding into a single cavity.


Q-2:  What do I need to know about surfing the Q-fin?


Answer:   The Q-fin will change the way you surf - for the better, e.g. when you go into a turn, the board rolls over quicker because there are no fins on the rails.  Moreover, it has a much smaller pivot area (or turning circle of 16.0cm) compared to a thruster (which has around 33.0cm). This means, that little effort is required to turn the board.  It has a greater sense of freedom and smoothness to surf in turns and its ability to hold the line in a barrel is exceptional.  Turns are exited with more speed - it's FAST AND FUN!  


Q-3:  Do I need a sliding box and why?


Answer:   The combined surface areas of all three fins creates immense hydrodynamic pressure which is significantly amplified especially when exerted through hard turns.  As a result, we believed that our sliding box was the only mechanism to support the Q-fin.  However one of the most innovative and unique features of our box was its versatility in being able to compliment your own personal surfing style, e.g. by moving it either further forward in the box for more manoeuvrability or backward in the box for more drive.  


Q-4:  How do I surf the fin?


Answer:   The Q-fin is ideally suited to 2' to 3' surf which includes everything from mushy swell to clean barrels.  It's speed and holding ability is exceptional in this range of surf.