The Quantum Fin (Q-Fin)

We’re making waves. If you’re looking for something new and something faster, then you need the Q-fin..


The twenty-odd year vision of this new surfboard fin was derived from shaper, designer and inventor, Darryl (Daz) Wilkes. Boasting an innovative finish and revolutionary performance, the Q-fin is the patented, registered and trademarked evolution that goes beyond the thruster; delivering more lift, more speed, manoeuvrability, more drive and much more fun for surfers the world over.


Designed, made and manufactured in Australia, the iconic product fits onto any longboard or surfboard by simply installing it into its own sliding box. Ideal for beginners, right through to pros, the Q-fin is the most significant advancement seen in the world of surfing in over 30 years.


We’re a little excited that this new surfboard fin design is heading your way. If you ride a shortboard, longboard or a mal, order this product and a box now. This is a game-changer and we’re giving you the chance to be a part of it..


Most suitable for waves within 2’ and 3’ surfs, this design delivers longboards and surfboards a maximised holding ability and amplified speed. This innovative design also includes a carefully crafted, versatile box to better embrace your personal style and surfing abilities.


Check out this exclusive product with our gallery below. Click and drag the images below and drag to rotate for different views*