The Hunter Report

With a commitment to moving away from the 'Black Art' approach to what is euphemistically referred to as, 'surf fin performance technology, Francine contacted Bill Hunter, a local Torquay (Melbourne, Australia) resident.  A self-proclaimed weekend warrior who as an engineer by trade also happened to have extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling experience.


Working in close collaboration with Daz and local Melbourne 3D CAD designers Jon Sneddon and John Neilson from Ideation, Bill set about conducting hydro-dynamic fluid testing with a view to optimising the performance of the Q-fin.  Simulation testing was conducted on the Q-fin itself and its performance relative to the thruster.


See more about the exciting journey in the development of the Q-fin in an interview with Bill plus more detailed insights into the results of the CFD modelling.